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2024_Remains of the Day_3-2024_ 32x21x1 inches_81.3x53.3x2.5cm_Acrylic, varnish, paper, fo
Texas tough_10-22_40.5x23x1.25in_103x59.
2022_FRAGILE II_Fall_2022_18x55x1.5 inches_Acrylic, paper, cardboard, raffia, shellack, on
2021-2022_altered 2023_Panama_46x20.5x1 inch_117x52x4cm_Acrylic, marker, cardboard, paper
2020_Nite Games_2020_Paper on corrugated board with honeycomb board supports and d-hooks_1
Grand Street II.jpg
2019_Feast_ 29 x 11 x 1.25 inches_73.7 x
_2018_Homage-for Luke_Gesso_acrylic_wire
_2019_Broome Street #5_BLES_16x13 inches
2013-4_CHANIA EPT, Summer 2013-14, 43_x30_, 109.2x76.2cm, mm on corrugated_4819.jpg
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